January 24, 2021

There are many ways to efficiently type on your keyboard. In fact you just do your own technique. But there here we want to show all the de facto techniques of typing.

Touch Typing

Touch Typing is one of the most common one. This type or technique in typing is sometimes made as the world standard and most applicable to any of the biggest industries at different ages. The technique introduces the typist to focus on the source copy at most if not all of the time, minimizing the back and forth of the typist in the keyboard and the source copy. This greatly impacts time and efficiency. While this might be hard to some, the only thing you need to master in this kind of typing is your muscle memory, which allows you to easy find the keys from your keyboard without looking at them or you just need to find the right position and touch them then you will be able to map out where to press the next letter.

Hunt and Peck

Hunt and peck is also one of the oldest techniques in typing, where one typist uses only two fingers to type the source and presses them individually. Unlike Touch typing this does not need muscle memory as the typist always looks where to press on the keyboard. This might take awhile to finish once source but clearly a much more accuracy is the result.


From what the word is telling it is a combination between two or more techniques. But this technique combines “hunt and peck” and “touch typing”, typists with average skills in typing tend to use this type of typing. Where they constantly switch between focusing on the source or the keyboard and sometimes use two fingers or more.


This is more likely the same as the Hybrid, but the typist in this technique usually stores or memorizes the source for a while to and then starts typing the memorized words. This is why it was called buffering.


While everything above talks about the techniques of type that is more applicable to a physical keyboard, Thumbing on the other hand talks about how the newer generation type. These days many have already owned tablets or mobile phone which you cannot type with multiple fingers, typists uses on their two thumbs. 

As a summary these techniques greatly help you if you are a full time typist and whatever suits you. But the speed and accuracy will always depend on you. You can master all of these and it may take some time but it will always be worth it.