November 30, 2020

As we know, these days, most of all the available careers involved and required strong typing skills. Like for example in the Information Technology world, IT professionals are needed to be very efficient in order and to be able to write code and software program be much more faster and accurate, not just that many of the other industries now requires the same.

Today, we are now bonded in a technology-centered world where students and workers are more familiar to computers, even children are now becoming more adaptive to technology.

But, sometimes many individuals are still lacking those ability, some of them are still typing the letters one at time in a slower pace that only average from 40 words per minute or sometimes much lower.

Now we have tips for you to improve:

Using the correct positioning

Typing in the right hand and finger positions are very helpful. It gives you the advantages of easily familiarizing the keyboard's keys positions. The more you involve right positioning the more faster you are going to be typing and of course you will be needing give more practice to adapt to it. Right positions involves your left fingers position to A,S,D and F keys and right fingers needs to be in the J,K,L and ; keys, while your two thumbs can be used as the spacebars and other support keys.

Focus on the monitor or on the hard copy

The more you focus on the monitor or on the hard copy that you will to type, will be the more you be eager to familiarize or even memorize the position of the keys on your keyboard. Our muscles will closely communicate to our brain and instruct it that this is the right position of my hand in order to hit the right key, that is called the muscle memory, and that is the best way you can achieve faster typing.

Position your body

To avoid a stressful typing which also affects your accuracy and efficiency you need to be in the proper posture. And importantly it having a good posture makes typing easier and and fast versus leaning forward to the computer or keyboard itself.

Position your hand on your comfort

While positioning your body to be in the proper posture, you might also wanna position your hands in the most comfortable way you can. As sometimes bad angle and too much or too low elevation on your hands on the keyboard deck may affects the way you type. Bad angle can also affect your reading and leads to mistyped words and more mistakes.

Do practice

Practice may dragging sometimes but it definitely makes you better with what ever you're practicing with. It may very tiring sometimes but the fact is that the more you do the things you do the more you'll become adaptive to it and familiar with it. Remember practices makes perfect and patience is a virtue.

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