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GoTyping is a free platform that is free of use. It is designed to help improve by evaluating all the results from your past games, calculating it and giving recommendations specifically from the results.
As we say all the time practicing makes you perfect. But the main reason is to help train your muscle memory by practicing. Typing more makes you memorize the keys and know their placements and your muscle will soon know by itself where to press.

You can find your progress by simply navigating into your profile. There you can see your game history and also your progress.
Upon playing 1 word corresponds to 1 point. But if you press or type the letter and word wrongly then this makes your points differ.
Yes, as the world today gets more exposed to technology everything now is done with a computer. And typing is one of the most needed skills to cope up today.
Yes definitely you can share the game. You will have a shareable link that you can use in order to track how many you have invited.
Simply signup with your google account or you can signup with your credentials providing your email and your password.
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